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We Can Help put your cause - ON ITS FEET
through one of our many programs

Offer Our unique items at various benefits you are holding
sponsored by others
and split the amount you take in with them
(Benefit Walks, Runs ~ Car Washes -- Any Event ) held to gets donations

Simply contact the sponsors of other Benefits
and ask if you can set a kiosk and solicit donations -
Tell them you will split the money you collect with them
50/50 after you take out expenses

I have done this and raised money for other charities
and have some tips on setting up a kiosk
The events were not my own
But I split the money I collected with the event sponsors
you just show up / set up / take the donations / give the donator a FootEze to keep them in "good standing"
and split the profits with the cause holding the event
You'll be on "solid footing" and EVERYONE WINS


Contact me for quantity discounts
You Pay just $4.99 each with free shipping

YOU CAN ASK for any donation amout over that and give the donator a Foot Eze

If you are interested contact us for our Deep Discount prices
You'll be amazed at what your price will be


If you just stopped here to see our offer
you'll get FREE Shipping and we donate $5.00 to any cause you designate with qualifying orders

More ways we have used these in other venues to help others:

we have sold the Foot Eze
To those wishing to show Support for the Troops

Send these to any soldiers in care packages

Give them to working women and Moms to be for baby shower gifts
Offer them to seniors citizens you know
Take some to old age homes give them away
Handicapped People will also benefit from this Hands FREE Device

Any one who has ever said
My feet are Killing me"
"I'm Stressed Out"
will love using this innovation

You get A FREE BONUS with each Foot Eze
a reflexology foot massage schematic is included with each unit

Place it on wall at foot of tub


Demo Vid for the Hands Free Foot Care Device
~ The Foot Eze ~

What this Device Does
Ignore the price in the video
You pay JUST $4.99
and we donate $5.00 from each Order Over $49.00 to
ANY cause you designate

~ We're Happy Feet ~
* We've been using Foot Eze for over 15 years *

The Foot-Eze is better than anything seen on TV lately Because it is
an Easier to use NO Bending / No Strecthing / Hands Free Personal Care Device:


No Metal Grate to cause irritation
The abrasive Pad is made from Safe Silica Graphite

The Hands Free FootEze

* Eliminates the need for Bending & Stretching *
Removes odor causing dead skin & unsightly painful callouses
Stimulates Circulation to feet and legs
Invigorates Sore Tired Achy Feet
Exfoliates Dry Itchy skin
Leaves Feet Fresh - Attractive and Tingling
* Relaxes muscles & relieves STRESS and tension *
the user feels better ALL OVER !!!
through the fundemantals of Reflexology Foot Massage

Use it while working or relaxing

The Foot EZE Mounts with suction cups to any smooth surface
Any Tile floor - Barracks, Shower
Office ~ Rec Room
Wall @ foot of tub
use it as a Hand held held pumice stone / foot massager

Remember the premise and basis of Reflexology Foot Massage is =
"If YOUR Feet Feel Good ~ YOU Feel Good ALL OVER !!!

This unique innovation may provide a more stress free life for the user

Podiatrist Approved



Return the items within 7 days of purchase and get Money Back
Minus restocking fee
of $2.99 per item in order
Donation will not be sent until 7 days is up


View this montage created at One True Media
Bill's Interview with JB Cloud KBCY


The Foot Eze was packaged by Adult Handicapped Workshops
By participating in this offer and buying these
You provided jobs for them


You must include the name of the cause you want
your $5.00 donation to go to
In the text box provided during check out
Or we will choose the cause

Each purchaser gets a Reflexology Foot Schematic

Podiatrist Approved

Patent for sale Inquire

Contact me for larger quantity discounts
( pay less than $4.99 each with free shipping )
mail me


Why am I so intent on helping other is told


Mickey Mantle Is Involved - Will M Tomsk

support our troops anysoldiers male and female Care packages free items free offers

moms to be seniors my feet are killing me free stuff free offers foot care care packages for soldiers

calluses foot oder smelly feet sore tired achy feet soothes them releives pain and discomfort of feet working women moms to be makes a great baby shower gift pedicures do it yourself foot care

Removes calluses soothes achy tired sore feet for any soldiers male or female

Help raise money for any cause

Raise money get donations for using these devices at various events Like Benefit walsk and runds for breast cancer, or missing children funds, Any cause you choose or designate an get money and operation funds this way

secretaries waitresses nurses bank tellers beauticians beauty salon owners
Do it your self pedicures donate to breast cancer susn b komen Foundation / Spinal injury research / Organ donors / Kidney donors Mickey Mantle

Christopher reeves Dana Reeve

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