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Dear Trooper Zook

I have a suggestion on how you can help Linda Edwards and other people in situations similar to hers

Her Story touched me and I would like to offer my help
Why am I so intent on helping others is told


Mickey Mantle Is Involved

My idea is a bit rough but the premise is valid
- Offer something for your request for donations

I would send you a few of my Items to see how my proposal would work

AND I would be willing to allow those you find in need
to take over the manufacturing and marketing of my product
It could be THEIR COMPANY AND THEIR ticket to a stable life

I will consider ANY type suggestions for having them get on "Their Feet"


IF my proposal is not clear to you - contact me at 216 759 6345 and we can talk

My name is Bill Tomsick


Here is what I have put together so far, if they don't want to take over the product
But would still like to raise some money


We Can Help "Put YOU ON YOUR FEET"
through one of our many programs

You simply Offer Our unique item the "Foot Eze" as a premium in return for donations

It Has been seen on TV for $16.99 plus $5.95 shipping

So asking for $20.00 is not out of line

Help Put Your Cause ON Solid Footing in no time

~ We're Happy ~

If you have a website for your cause I can tell you how to set up paypal donation buttons
where you get the money directly
Or collect donations at various benefits sponsored by others
and split the amount you take in with them
Benefit Walks, Charity Runs ~ Car Washes ~
Sporting Events -- set up a table at a store entrance
Any Event or place where crowds gather

The connection to benefit walks and runs IS OBVIOUS

Most cities hold one or two runs or walks or other charity benefits each month
You can keep busy if you have the drive


Offer OUR item Online and donate part of the proceeds to any cause

Simply contact the sponsors of Benefits, events or operator of the Location you would like to use
and ask if you can set up a kiosk display and solicit donations during their event - and take orders
Tell the sponsors / proprietor of the venue, you will split the money you collect with them
75/25 ? ( totally up to you to set the split - after your expenses

YOU CAN ASK for any donation amount
( I have used $20.00 as an example in this presentation and the split % is up to you to agree on with the other party )

Afterwards you take out YOUR expenses for the items and the administration fees for YOUR time and gas
I remind you, The amount of the split is up to you to agree on

I have some tips on setting up a kiosk
The events were not my own
show up / set up / take the donations / AND give the donator a Foot Eze for each Donation

OR get orders
get their shipping INFO AND we can drop ship the items to them
to keep them in "good standing"

Again, you can split the profits with the cause holding the event, AFTER you take out your fees and costs
You'll help the cause you are working with to be get on "solid footing" and EVERYONE WINS


You get A FREE BONUS with each Foot Eze
a reflexology foot massage schematic is included with each unit

You can buy some Of the Foot Eze to have on hand for demo purposes
Or to have an inventory FOR immediate fulfillment for the donation given

Use the Pay Pal Payment Area Below to place your order

Without drop shipping You Pay me just $2.79 per unit to cover my time and Mfg COSTS with $1.20 Shipping ( total = $3.99 ) per unit in your order
That leaves $16.01 net per Donation received for your cause
after you take out your cost of each item
( $20.00 minus $3.99 = $16.01 )
YOU can then Give the sponsor of the event or operator of the location or event you collected the money at part of your net

Once more, The above breakdown is totally up to you to agree on with the event sponsor


You collect a $20.00 donation ( arbitrary ) and give the donator a Foot Eze
or you take an order with their donation

TO REPEAT: For DROP shipping - WHERE You get the order, send me the shipping info and we ship the units to the donator
( $2.79 for each unit plus $2.20 for the drop shipping )
- YOUR net will be from $15.01 if we drop ship to $16.01 if we ship to you. (
you split that with the cause you are working with OR if you are working on your own -- KEEP it all for your cause



Contact us

Contact me with ANY questions

More ways we have used these in other venues to help others:

we have sold the Foot Eze
To those wishing to show Support for the Troops
And donated part of the proceeds to the cause the buyer desiganted

Send these to any soldiers in care packages

You can ask for donations and OFFER them as a premium with ANY Donation
Again I will drop ship for an additional $2.59 ( Total = $5.38 to me if you need to drop ship - $4.08 if you want the units shipped to you. )

I will even set up a website for you to take orders

Great for : Gifts to Any Soldiers to show support, Moms to be for baby shower gifts / party favors
Offer them to Working Women and seniors citizens you know
Take some to old age homes
Handicapped People will also benefit from this Hands FREE Device

Any one who has ever said
"My feet are Killing me"
"I'm Stressed Out"
will love using this innovation

Place it on wall at foot of tub


View this montage created at One True Media
Demo Vid for the Hands Free Foot Care Device
~ The Foot Eze ~

Ignore the price in the video

What this Device Does

~ We're Happy Feet ~
* We've been using Foot Eze for over 15 years *

The Foot-Eze is better than anything seen on TV lately Because it is
an Easier to use NO Bending / No Strecthing / Hands Free Personal Care Device:


No Metal Grate to cause irritation
The abrasive Pad is made from Safe Silica Graphite

The Hands Free FootEze

* Eliminates the need for Bending & Stretching *
Removes odor causing dead skin & unsightly painful callouses
Stimulates Circulation to feet and legs
Invigorates Sore Tired Achy Feet
Exfoliates Dry Itchy skin
Leaves Feet Fresh - Attractive and Tingling
* Relaxes muscles & relieves STRESS and tension *
the user feels better ALL OVER !!!
through the fundemantals of Reflexology Foot Massage

Use it while working or relaxing

The Foot EZE Mounts with suction cups to any smooth surface
Any Tile floor - Barracks, Shower
Office ~ Rec Room
Wall @ foot of tub
use it as a Hand held held pumice stone / foot massager

Remember the premise and basis of Reflexology Foot Massage is =
"If YOUR Feet Feel Good ~ YOU Feel Good ALL OVER !!!

This unique innovation may provide a more stress free life for the user

Podiatrist Approved


Here is the TV commericial we ran



The Foot Eze was packaged by Adult Handicapped Workshops
By participating in this offer and buying these
You provided jobs for them


Click IN THE Appropriate Pay Pay box below
There is one for No drop shipping and one for drop shipping included
to order

This first button is for orders with NO DROP SHIPPING - The units get sent to you


This next Button is for orders with DROP SHIPPING

Each unit comes with a Reflexology Foot Schematic

Podiatrist Approved


The Mfg Rights
of the Foot Eze
are for Sale
Inquire HERE




The following cause was also partly funded by the sale of The Foot Eze

It is an important cause that needs public awareness

Join The Effort
to Get N.A.S.A. to cooperate with Law Enforcement
to assist police and Find Abducted children, Missing Women and drastically reduce Other Crimes
by providing real time and archived satellite photos and videos of the crime scenes


Contact me with ANY questions

support our troops anysoldiers male and female Care packages free items free offers

moms to be seniors my feet are killing me free stuff free offers foot care care packages for soldiers

calluses foot oder smelly feet sore tired achy feet soothes them releives pain and discomfort of feet working women moms to be makes a great baby shower gift pedicures do it yourself foot care

Removes calluses soothes achy tired sore feet for any soldiers male or female

Help raise money for any cause

Raise money get donations for using these devices at various events Like Benefit walsk and runds for breast cancer, or missing children funds, Any cause you choose or designate an get money and operation funds this way

secretaries waitresses nurses bank tellers beauticians beauty salon owners
Do it your self pedicures donate to breast cancer susn b komen Foundation / Spinal injury research / Organ donors / Kidney donors Mickey Mantle

Christopher reeves Dana Reeve

Free SubDomains

Free SubDomains
- William Tomsik