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Our Seniors / Elderly Discount has been combined with
an Honor System Military Veterans and families Discount


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Our FREE shipping offer has ended BUT
We lowered our price
we now offer a $5.00 d[count
to Seniors, Military, Vets and Family
Honor system No questions asked discount
you pay Just $7.99 for 2
Plus low shipping of $4.99
with Buy One Get One FREE
and a FREE Bonus


All others pay $12.99 for each 2
Plus $4.99 shipping first 2 ( BOGO )
1.99 for each additional 2


No Bending / No Stretching

This device is for any one who ever said "My Feet are Killing me " or 'I'm stressed out "
I know that's YOU !

It can also benefit Soldiers - male and female
Senior Citizens, Disabled, Overweight and with those limited mobility

The FootEze Foot Care has been sold for up to $19.99 each on TV
and NOW with each Foot Eze in your order you get a FREE Bonus
The FREE Bonus is a Reflexology Foot Schematic
which shows the points of your feet
that are connected to other areas of your body


The Foot Eze was packaged by Adult Handicapped
By participating in this offer and buying these
You provided jobs for them

100% Made in the U.S.A.


THE Foot Eze Multi Purpose
NO Bending / No Strecthing / Hands Free Personal Care Device
Removes calluses and Odor Causing Dead skin
and incorporates the fundementals of Reflexology Foot Massage
to make the user feel Better ALL Over

It mounts with suction cups to any smooth clean surface
Tile Floor in your office - rec room or barracks
wall at foot of tub
floor of shower
BUT can also be used as hand held pumice stone
for those able to reach their feet


Our offer has been combined with
Our Honor System Military, Veterans and their Families Discount
AND The Seniors Discount
Look for the Military Discount Link
you may qualify for either Offer


The Foot Eze -
Makes your feet Happy !

It's the Unique Hands Free / No Bending Foot Care Device
to Help make lives more comfortable

Everyone can benefit form using it

Have you ever said "My feet are Killing Me" ?
I know you have
So, YOU can benefit from our device, too

It incorporates reflexology foot massage
which is based on the premise
"IF your feet feel good
YOU feel good all over"

The Inventor is 69 years old and disabled
He knows that money does not grow on trees

See TV commercial Demo Below

PLUS remember:
WE ALSO OFFER An Honor System Military, Wives and Veterans Discount
- you pay $7.99 plus low shipping
for the Buy One Get One FREE offer
No Proof of service is required
We feel NO ONE would say they were
in or married to a member of the Military IF THEY WERE NOT
Just to beat us out of a few bucks


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seen directly below
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Click on Above Image to get
Aditional Abrasive pads


Now for those NOT claiming the
Military, Vets, And Senior Discount

>Now Please Click on the middle of the Video thumbnail Below
to see the TV commercials and ad for The Foot Eze

Buy a dozen And take them to senior / retirement homes
make the elderly feel unforgotten
Leave them as tips for your favorite waitress
Give one to your postman ( He'll want to know where you got it
so he can tell his fellow workers about it

ANYONE who gets one will Love and remember you forever

Bingo Halls should give these away as door prizes ( Special 50% off Prices for businesses )


~ We're Happy Feet ~ We've been using Foot Eze for years ~

The Foot-Eze is better and safer than anything seen on TV lately
Because it had no metal grater
it is an Easier to use NO Bending / No Strecthing / Hands Free Personal Care Device
which incorporates Reflexology Foot Massage
into a foot care device:

No Metal Grate to cause irritation
The abrasive Pad is made from Safe Silica Graphite

The FootEze

* Eliminates the need for Bending & Stretching *
Removes odor causing dead skin & unsightly painful callouses
Stimulates Circulation to feet and legs
Invigorates Sore Tired Achy Feet
Exfoliates Dry Itchy skin
Leaves Feet Fresh - Attractive and Tingling
* Relaxes muscles & relieves STRESS and tension *
the user feels better ALL OVER !!!
through the fundemantals of Reflexology Foot Massage

Use it while working or relaxing

The Foot EZE Mounts with suction cups to any smooth clean surface

Any Tile Floor - Barracks, Shower
Office ~ Rec Room

Wall @ foot of tub or floor of shower

use it as a Hand held held pumice stone / foot massager

Extra Abrasive Pads Available
Click on Above Image to get
Adiitional Abrasive pads
Remember the premise and basis of Reflexology Foot Massage is =
"If YOUR Feet Feel Good ~ YOU Feel Good ALL OVER !!!

This unique innovation may provide a more stress free life for the user


Podiatrist Approved




We accept PayPal

Again: No Proof of service is requested


Get some and send them to soldiers EVEN if you don't know A Soldier personally
Contact us
HERE for info on how to send to these to soldiers you may not know
To show your support


Please watch the following video

It IS THE TV commercials which ran for the Foot EZE ~ MY FOOT CARE INVENTION



***If you are an Organization or website
catering to seniors - soldiers or military families
and offer personal care Items we offer these to you
at just above our cost
plus we will give you quantity shipping discounts


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These Personal Care devices are ideal to give to Seniors / Handicapped / Fit and Active People
Working Women / Secretaries / Nurses / Waitresses, And soldiers ( male and female )
Anyone who has ever said "My Feet are Killing Me"
"Oh My Aching Feet"
"I'm Stressed Out"
will benefit from using this unique Hands innovation - The "Foot-Eze"

Put those you know on Good Footing

Buy One for less than the price of 2 Burger combo Meals = $12.99 and Get one FREE
Plus a FREE Bonus with each FootEze in your order ( 2 for 1 )

IF you qualify --- Take advantage of OUR
Military Vets, Wives and Families Honor System Discounts

No proof of service is required to get the Discounts
and you still get the BONUS
Click Here for details

Limited Time / Supply is dwindling fast

When these are gone they are gone for good


7 day Money Back Guarantee
Buyer responsible for return shipping and $1.99 cent restocking fee per unit in your order


PayPal Protection


If the PayPal Check Out link is not working contact me
Here You get the Bonus
Reflexology Foot Schematic
with each Foot Eze in your order

Podiatrist Approved

Save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Return the items within 7 days of purchase and get Money Back as stated


Because of health reasons of the inventor and sole manufacturer / distributor of these Unique devices
These unique personal care innovations are in Limited Numbers -- when current stock is gone
They are gone for good
No more will be produced
Unless someone wants to take over the Manufacturing process
See Patent For Sale Info

Don't Hesitate or delay
- I am the ONLY distributor for the Foot Eze
It is my invention and I do all the marketing, sales and order fulfillment

For less than the cost of 2 Burger Combo Meals
Offer them to seniors citizens you know
You can make a senior citzen OR Soldier feel appreciated
Can't you pass up a lunch ???


The device found here is the webmasters own invention
Again: The story behind the innovation and my efforts to help others
is found at the Mickey Mantle seen on this page

Again - NOT ONLY FOR Seniors or Soldiers
- Any one can and should use this unique device

* PLUS *
Special FREE Bonus with each device in your order


We repeat: No Proof is requested as we feel
no one would lie about being in the service JUST
To Beat us out of a few dollars


Limited Time / Supply is dwindling fast

When these are gone they are gone for good


One way to show my
"Two for One Support the Troops Offer"
is valid is:
it is offered occassionally on eBay Charities Auctions
a percentage of each sales goes to the designated charity

My selling record on Ebay is impeccable @ 100%
from almost 900 sales on eBay

Again a % of the final value
for designated items
goes automatically and directly
to the causes designated - I never see the money
I usually have a few different charity donations auctions running
for a Military Non Profit

Or the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 'Find a Cure' effort

If you want your money to go to
a different charity I can arrange that too
Just conatact me at the email link on this page

You Must know eBay
and ESPECIALLY their Charitiy Affiliate ( Mission Fish )
do NOT ALLOW Items that are questionable
They check out ALL the items
You get their Buyer Proctection


Great Two For One Gifts for Our Soldiers or a Senior Citizen
Ideal gift for Any one who has ever said
"My feet are Killing me"
"Oh My Aching Feet" -
"I'm Stressed Out"
I know that's you and everyone else I have ever talked to !!!!
You will love using my Hands Free innovation
the Foot Eze

Less than the cost of a burger combo meal can bring so many
- so much relief and comfort


Buy One get one Free
PLUS Free BONUSES with qualifying Purchase

Support the Troops

Send these to them in care packages

Give them to Working women
Moms to be for baby shower gifts or party favors


Get a dozen and send them to Soldiers
even if you don't know one
We can help with the shipping and delivery info
Just ask

Two for One
and A FREE Bonus with Each Foot Eze in your order

Seen on TV for up to $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping

and elswhere online for $17.98
You pay as low as $7.99 for 2 Plus s&h = $4.99 for first 2 for 1 and $1.99 for each additional 2 for 1


Save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


For more Discounts for vets and Any Soldiers and their families

The Patent is for sale HERE

Use this email link ONLY for Patent for sale Inquire

email me

Now I sm involved in a VERY important cause and effort
But need your help and ask that you notify EVERYONE
you can think of of this cause

DO Something --- Sign The Online Petitions to President Obama
to instruct NASA and our Military
to help police find Abducted children Missing Women and Men
and solve other crimes
Will M Tomsick


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